Making work, work for you

Work is very closely linked with many of our other drivers of form — like stress, purpose and relationships. While work can be a huge source of stress, it can also be where we find meaning, and where we make some of our most important connections.

Even if we didn’t need the money, most of us rely on our careers for a sense of purpose and meaningful activity — but work isn’t always the positive driver of form it has the potential to be. If you’re not doing what you love, or you’re not striking the right balance between personal and professional, your job can turn into one big energy drain.

If we don’t manage to achieve a healthy work-life balance, overworking (or overly worrying about work) can eat into our reserves and cause our resilience levels to drastically drop. That’s when we start to struggle with challenges or change, and our form goes into freefall.

Signs that you don’t have the right balance in your life include:

  • Morning insomnia
  • Struggling to switch off at night
  • Being unable to eat a meal without checking your phone
  • Having no time for personal care, family or friends
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Chronic headaches, neck or shoulder pain
  • Low levels of patience
  • Constant fatigue
  • Always thinking about work
  • Never saying no in your job

If these signs are hitting home, something’s gotta give.

Looking after yourself actually helps to improve your productivity, so not giving yourself adequate time away from work is an entirely false economy.

Making positive change

We have more control than we might think when it comes to making work less of a drain on our form and more of a force for good. Looking at how your job makes you feel is crucial here, as is focusing on your strengths and what you enjoy. Does work give you a sense of meaning? Is it intellectually challenging? Does it fulfil your ‘why’?

Work is a huge part of our lives, so its power over our form is equally enormous. And while the market might be tough right now, life is short — so if you’re not doing a job that plays to your strengths or gives you more enjoyment out of life, it might be time to reassess your options and consider a change of direction.

If that’s not possible, try to rebalance work by looking at your time management, outsourcing or delegating what you’re not great at or don’t enjoy, and talk to your colleagues about any improvements that could be made to the company culture.

Work-balancing resources



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