Nutrition and me

I have always had an interesting relationship with nutrition. I’ve experienced binge eating and drinking; at other times I’ve fueled my body for elite sporting performance in basketball and cycling.

I have been diagnosed with Coeliac disease and gone gluten free. I gave up alcohol for the good of my mental health over two years ago. And more recently, I drastically reduced my caffeine intake, and discovered the incredible benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet on the inflammation caused by Long Covid.

My relationship with nutrition has changed throughout the years, but here’s what I have learned along the way:

  1. Nutrition has a much greater impact on our Form than we may believe.
  2. Our gut health is very closely linked with our brain health.
  3. Alcohol really doesn’t help with a mental health challenge (even though we often think that it does).
  4. Nutrition can have a huge impact on other drivers of our Form (sleep in particular).
  5. Self-kindness in respect of our nutrition is key (don’t beat yourself up for the occasional treat).
  6. Taking the time to figure out what works for us individually can pay back in dividends.
  7. Eating well for 80% of the time is good enough.
  8. Hydration is just as important as eating a balanced diet.
  9. Don’t eat standing up — especially not in front of the fridge. Be intentional about eating and drinking.
  10. Think about taking dietary supplements; particularly Vitamin D in the winter months.

We can make huge gains with a nutrition plan, but start with your ‘why. Why do you want to eat healthily?

If you can focus on your health and energy levels, rather than body image factors, you can create a far healthier relationship with food and drink.




Be more human.

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Be more human.

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